Lietcorp Limited, specialises in innovative LED technologies for commercial lighting applications. With an experienced UK based team and some of the best lighting products on the market, Lietcorp works with a range of businesses around the world providing world class lighting applications. Our products are engineered to enable energy savings, improved lighting quality and lowering carbon footprints.

We focus on refurbishment-cycle lighting that benefits our customers throughout their Total Cost of Ownership. We design and engineer all our products in the UK. Our built-in technologies are developed in-house and all our products are tested and warrantied. We are proud to call ourselves market leaders in LED technology, with some of the most reliable and highest performing products available.

Lietcorp have a heritage of product excellence and work across a wide range of sectors including retail, offices, industry, and hospitality & leisure. Many well known brands such as All Bar One, the Hilton Hotel Group, Odeon Cinemas, Boots, Bannatyne Leisure Group, the National Trust, Oxfam and Bathstore use Lietcorp products.

Find out about our award winning installations in Dubai in our press pages here.

Based in the heart of the South East of the UK  we now cover many international locations.

“LED technology has advanced considerably over the last few years, and to work at the leading edge of what is possible is very rewarding. Our continuous development of luminaires enables Lietcorp to be always at the forefront of LED lighting in terms of efficiency, performance and lifetime”

Senior Electronics Engineer

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