Enhance your space for customers and staff with Lietcorp’s LED lighting.

Our LED lighting can increase dwell time, improve ambience, direct customers, make stores & venues stand out on the highstreet or in a mall. It makes merchandise look appealing, gives great colour rendition and adds ‘sparkle’ to products.

All of these factors increase sales. They make customers stay longer, buy more and return products less.

Productivity is increased when staff work under better lighting. Lietcorp LED lighting gives off less heat, has no flicker, and provides accurate task lighting. Reduce your manufacturing errors, increase office productivity and promote a sense of health and wellbeing.

Our LED lighting can be combined with controls to maximize the use of daylight too, so customers and staff can benefit from the natural light in a space whilst still giving the lighting levels needed to perform their tasks.

We can work with you to create vibrant, appealing and energy efficient spaces.

Save energy, time and
money, with architectural
British-designed LED

Why waste it?

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