Total Cost of Ownership, ROI and Payback Periods

Are you interested in Return On Investment (ROI), payback periods or Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)? It’s worth really understanding these so you feel confident you are getting the best financial gains for your business.

Whilst we can help you achieve payback periods or ROI targets, we would encourage you to look at Total Cost of Ownership first and foremost.

When your LED lighting is designed to last up to 90,00 hours or 10 years, you need to look at the TCO of the products over that lifespan.

Payback periods and ROI can be massively affected by taking into account longer refurbishment cycles – how many times would you have to replace lamps or cheaper non-performing products within that refurbishment cycle?

And what are the likely affects of future price increases in energy, facilities management labour and lamp price increases?

Short payback periods don’t take that into consideration, and can lead to longer-term inefficiencies for your business.

LEDs may take a little longer in payback period V traditional technologies, but it lasts much longer too, that’s one of their key benefits!

Reliability is a critical part of TCO, ROI or payback periods. Failed LED lighting takes your attention away from your core business of retailing, manufacturing, or commerce. It is not a saving, but a risk. Specifying un-proven LED lighting could leave you vulnerable and exposed.

Enhanced Capital Allowance - 100% Tax Relief on Lietcorp Products

The Enhanced Capital Allowance scheme supports improvements in energy efficiency and impact on the environment.

Through the Enhanced Capital Allowance businesses can secure significant financial savings, gain a helpful cash-flow boost and benefit from a shortened payback period.

The criteria for qualifying products are reviewed each year to reflect technological advance and market change. All of our LED lighting products qualify for the Enhanced Capital Allowance set by the Department of Energy and Climate Change, Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs and the Treasury.

The Enhanced Capital Allowance enables businesses to claim 100% first-year capital allowances on their spending on qualifying technology, providing an immediate cash-flow boost.

An Enhanced Capital Allowance provides 100% tax relief on any investment in energy-saving equipment in the same tax year as the purchase is made. This means a business paying corporation tax at 24% will receive 24p tax relief for every £1 invested in energy-saving Lietcorp products

Reduce Your Energy Bills

With energy costs on the increase you could reduce your bills by using Lietcorp’s LED lighting products.

Our LEDs can deliver optimal illumination and save money. When specified correctly, LED low energy light fittings can add to your bottom line. We can deliver these energy savings because our products are engineered and designed wholly by us to achieve optimum energy consumption and light output.

For one customer we wiped £4m off their energy & lamp replacement costs in just one year. Your company’s Climate Change Levy will also be reduced, producing significant long-term savings from your initial investment.

Can you afford not to choose proven LED lighting from Lietcorp?

Reduce your Maintenance and FM costs with Refurbishment Cycle Lighting
Our optimised LED light fittings are designed to be installed once in a building’s typical refurbishment cycle and have no maintenance thereafter.

You can massively reduce your maintenance and facilities management (FM) costs associated with lighting by installing our products. No requirement for lamp or bulb changes ensures costs are reduced.

You can also spread the investment cost of commercial lighting over your building’s refurbishment lifespan.

Finance Options

We offer a range of finance options to help you invest in low energy LED lighting, including Salix and our other independent finance partners.
Please contact us for more details on funding for LED lighting.

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