Changing your lighting can be one of the easiest and most effective ways of reducing your carbon footprint. 

Our low energy LED lighting reduces energy usage whilst maintaining, or improving light output performance - so you get more for less. LED lighting also last thousands of hours longer than incandescent or fluorescent lighting. Our LED lighting is efficient and durable.

LEDs also give off less heat, reducing the requirements on air conditioning. They contain no mercury and emit no UV or infrared radiation. Because our LEDS are directional they put the light exactly where it is needed - reducing light wastage. They can also be dimmed via controls to ensure you get the most from your space’s natural daylight.

Lietcorp LEDs are zero maintenance, requiring less labour and travel and they have longer useful product life-spans.

Save energy, time and
money, with architectural
British-designed LED

Lasting. Efficient. Delightful.

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