Who are Lietcorp?

Our mission is to harness the full potential of LED technology with integrity, innovation and imagination.

We are a British LED light engine designer and manufacturer, providing refurbishment-cycle LED lighting solutions to arange of markets both in the UK and across the world. We are the sister company of OceanLED - the highly accredited and pioneering marine LED lighting manufacturer.

Which countries do you operate in?

Lietcorp is an international business focused on addressing the needs of customers in all major territories.

Why are Lietcorp’s LED light engines so different to other retrofit bulbs or lamps?

Designed from first principals by specialist engineers, our LED light engines offer unprecedented performance, impeccable light quality, substantial energy savings and longevity of up to 100,000 hours. Lietcorp’s products therefore need to be viewed as a long-term investment rather than a point-of-sale lamp purchase

With retrofit LED lamps modern technology is modified to fit outdated casings. At Lietcorp optimal LED performance and the dissipation of heat is our top priority; our products are designed accordingly.

Is it possible to dim your LED light engines?

Yes. Our LED products can be supplied dimmable & compatible to virtually all types of dimming systems from analogue to full digital.

What makes Lietcorp different from other bulb or lamp sellers?

At Lietcorp we don’t just sell LED lighting, we are technical specialists who design, manufacture, test and market our own products. Our detailed understanding of LED light engines means that we can offer a full consultancy service to help you understand the full capabilities of LEDs before selecting the right product for your need.

How are your products tested?

All products undergo a rigorous test regime covering both internal & external accredited tests from impact, ingress, thermal, safety & electrical against the relevant international & national standards as well as type approvals depending on the applications & industries.

Should I change my existing fittings or use a retrofit lamp?

At Lietcorp we offer products that can be installed as a retrofit into an existing fitting or as a complete luminaire for new build or refurbishment projects. It’s best to discuss the pros and cons in detail with us to ensure you get the result you want.

Will Lietcorp help me with any LED light engine problems or failures?

All Lietcorp products are supported by a five-year warranty. Our technical engineers and warranty specialists are available to help investigate individual problems and identify solutions.

Can you match the colour temperature of my existing light installation?

We offer LED light engines that run at 2600k through 3200k, 4000k and 6500k. We are also able to attach colour-correcting filters in a number of shades to achieve colour consistency.

Can Lietcorp’s LED light engines be used outside?

Most of our products are weatherproof and many are IP66 rated. We also offer a range of fully waterproof products that can be submerged underwater to any depth form our sister company OceanLed

What is the ECA scheme?

The Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) scheme is a Government programme to manage climate change. Under the scheme, any Lietcorp customer who installs our LED lighting solutions is able to write-off the full cost of the installation against their corporate tax bill in the year of installation. This effectively means that 30 per cent of the cost of your Liet installation can be paid for out of your company’s reduced corporate tax bill. For further details, please contact a Lietcorp representative or see http://etl.decc.gov.uk/etl

Are your LED light engines ECA compliant?

Yes all of our products are ECA compliant. Thanks to their low energy consumption, high light output and low carbon emissions our products conform to the strict regulations required by the ECA scheme.

How can you control your products?

Our products can be controlled from a variety of control strategies & systems & are not tied to any one manufacturer or standard, i.e. you have the freedom to choose & operate your chosen/favourite systems.

Which drivers/transformers and power supplies of your products use

Liet Product Series LED Constant current drivers for use with switching or 1-10V analogue dimming systems Magnetic transformers 12V AC for use with phase triac dimming systems Powers supply units for use with switching or 1-10V analogue dimming systems 230V AC supply only Sealed unit
350 mA 500 mA 700 mA 1000 mA 14 VA 24 VA 50 VA 18 W 25 W 60 W 100 W
Liet HB
Liet Linear
Liet D
Liet 6/AR111/Ultra
Liet 3
Liet Bar
Liet Bar Ultra
Liet MR16/Ultra
Liet GU10
Candle Liet
Liet 2D
Liet G4

Which products have emergency lighting options?

Liet 6/AR111/ Ultra/ 3/ MR16/ MR16 Ultra/ G4 can all be used as emergency Liet’s with the use of the emergency power supply pack, product code 003-001195. Liet 2D has its own emergency version. The remaining products are not yet available however they are work in progress.

How do I install your products?

All of Lietcorp’s products are designed to be installed as easily as possible using conventional methods for all of our downLiet ranges. Liet Linear R series is designed to be compatible with the majority of modular suspended ceiling systems. Liet Linear S series has a unique gear tray assembly which allows for a hinged locking system for easy one person installation with minimal health and safety risks. Liet HB is a fully sealed unit with no breakable parts, it is designed to be suspended by the popular Gripple wire suspension system and utilises a plug and play system so installation time is one of the fastest in the market place.

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