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January 2013

New Products
2013 kicks off with new LED lighting products

Lietcorp launch two new exciting LED products to start off the New Year. New LED luminaires for office, retail and industrial applications are a welcome addition to our LED range.

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November 2012

LED Office Lighting
5 Evaluation Tips when choosing Suppliers

One of the reasons for the slow take-up by business of LED office lighting, despite the substantial benefits, has been the difficulty in properly evaluating alternative suppliers.

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October 2012

LED Lighting
A revolutionary development in Lighting Technology

LED lights (or light-emitting diodes) are one of an incredibly small number of revolutionary developments in the field of lighting.

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September 2012

Restaurant Lighting
Saving over £4million a year just on lighting!

A saving of £45 per year per light from LED restaurant lighting generated annual savings of over £4 million per year across the restaurant chain.

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September 2012

CEO / CFO Brief
Business case for challenging lighting costs

In this trying economic climate business leaders are constantly challenged to find ways to maintain revenues, control costs and protect profits.

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September 2012

Tech Brief
Why colour temperature is important in business lighting

This article is about gaining an understanding of the importance of colour temperature for your lighting.

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August 2012

LED Light Fitting
Fluorescent vs LED for Office Lighting

Like with almost anything we buy in life there are good and bad, and lighting is no different. In fact, with lighting the difference between good and bad is big both financially and emotionally in the work place.

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August 2012

LED Systems
Top 10 things you need to know about LED lighting

The world is changing, attitudes are changing and now is the time to start looking at what we need to do individually and collectively to reduce energy consumption.

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