When our client set about the hotel lighting design for their new Grange Tower Bridge Hotel in the City of London, they worked with Lietcorp designers and engineers to deliver a fully LED lit solution throughout the public areas of the hotel.

Particular focus was paid to the hotel lighting in the flagship areas, including the reception, lobbies, restaurants, meeting rooms, conference suites, swimming pool & spa and ballroom.

All of these were statement areas for hotel lighting where ambience, light level and colour temperature were essential for one of London’s landmark new hotels. Lietcorp’s rigorous LED-binning regime ensured colour consistency throughout.

For this new build, our light engineers designed from first principles the complex dimming controls required for hotel lighting in the conference and ball room areas, and worked with the Grange construction team to install and test.

Lietcorp was able to precisely match the desired halogen light levels, colour and beam angle. In short true equivalent LED hotel lighting.

Visit www.grangehotels.com/hotels-london/grange-tower-bridge-hotel/grange-tower-bridge-hotel.aspx

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– Approx. 1,000 No. Liet AR111 Ultra: 11.8W, 80,000 hours L70 life

– Approx. 500 No. Liet AR111: 5.3W, 90,000 hours L70 life

– Approx. 500 No. Liet D35: 18W, 90,000 hours L70 life

Throughout this LED hotel lighting, our lighting designers and engineers worked with the client’s electrical contractors.

Energy savings

– Annual operating cost (electricity, lamp & FM) before LED (approximation) £118,260

– Annual operating cost (electricity, lamp & FM) after LED £20,813

– Annual estimated cost saving £97,447

– Annual estimated reduction 382 tonnes

– Payback (after ECA) 1.3 years

– CAPEX Required £176,272

– Capitalised over 5 years total profit uplift £310,963

Note: all payback and saving calculations exclude: 1) any facilities management savings associated with call-out charges to change lamps 2) air conditioning savings associated with the low heat of Lietcorp’s LED lighting

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