Industrial LED lighting is all about saving money and increasing productivity. 24/7 operations call for the smartest lighting solutions, to reduce carbon emissions and save on costly energy bills. Modern day-light enhanced industrial units can still benefit too by dimming our products takes efficiency to another level.

We can deliver:

  1. Significant energy savings, from 50% to over 90% reductions.
  2. Long LED product life, from 5 to over 10 years which eliminates lamp replacement or bulb purchases.
  3. Fit-and-Forget solutions, reduction in facilities management labor for lamp or bulb maintenance
  4. Additional savings can be gained by using our products with lighting controls, all our LED lighting products are fully dimmable and compatible with control systems including DALI.

We offer:

  • Lighting design
  • Installer support or partnering
  • Retro-fit LED lighting as part of refurbishment projects
  • Custom LED fittings for new build or refurbishment projects


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Denso, Winn and Coales
Denso creates a more productive workplace

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HV Wooding
Industrial LED lighting for the future

Industrial Products

Liet HB-Series

Industrial and area flood lighting


Liet Space

Municipal area & car parking LED light system.


Liet Linear

Commercial, office and retail lighting


Liet 3

Energy saving downlight for commercial use


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