Winn and Coales, owners and manufacturers of the Denso brand, asked Lietcorp to re-light their export floor and office. The aim was to increase productivity, recduce production errors, create a brighter place to work and drastically reduce maintenance down time - all at no extra energy cost.

130 years of UK manufacturing meant that Denso wanted to use a British LED lighting brand and they turned to Lietcorp to produce a lighting plan, and provide LED luminaires to replace their T8 fluorescent tubes. 

Project images


Lietcorp LED lighting solutions replaced T8 fluorescent lamps with the following Lietcorp LED light engines:

– Liet Space 1500 XL: 53W, 4,000K, 4,051 fixture lumens, 76 lpw, 60 degree, 60,000 hour L70 life

– Liet Linear S1200 surface mount: 37W, 3,190 fixture lumens, 86 lpw, 4,000K, 120 degree, 60,000 hour L70 life

Energy savings

Whilst energy savings were not the key criteria for this project Denso requested increased lighting levels with no energy increases.

The lighting scheme achieved:

82% increase in lighting levels

18% reduction in watts per square meter

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