HV Wooding Ltd are a precision engineering company who needed to improve the average lux level whilst saving on energy from high bay lighting in their machining area.

The existing high bay lighting of 250W metal halides used over 310 circuit watts, and the Light Output Ratio (LOR) was declining. They had no scope to be dimmed or controlled and at 8m off the ground they were a maintenance headache.

Lietcorp’s LED high bay increased lighting levels, backed by a lux level guarantee, as well as improving colour rendering - critical for task areas for skilled employees using precision tools.Lietcorp’s HB 250 LED high bay performed brilliantly - exceeding the customer’s lux level and energy saving expectations. We reduced power consumption per luminaire from 310W to 100W and with intelligent controls our fully dimmable product could save even more.

In addition to the energy savings we removed the need for any lamp replacement for over 10 years, reducing maintenance costs.

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– Liet HB250, 100W, 4,000K, flood optic 90,000 hour L70 Life

Energy savings

– Annual operating cost (electricity, lamp & FM) before LED £8,490

– Annual operating cost (electricity, lamp & FM) after LED £1,926

– Annual cost saving £6,564

– Annual carbon reduction 18 tonnes

– Payback (after ECA) 2.4 years

– CAPEX Required £21,750

– Capitalised over 10 years total profit uplift £43,890

Note: all payback and saving calculations exclude: 1) any facilities management savings associated with call-out charges to change lamps 2) air conditioning savings associated with the low heat of Lietcorp’s LED lighting

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