LED Office lighting for businesses that want well-lit, energy-optimized buildings that provide savings and increase employee efficiencies.

Our LED office and workplace lighting is optimized to support visual tasks, which makes for a superior working environment. Our LED lighting provides savings on both energy expenditure and carbon output, as well as eliminating facilities management costs due to their clever fit-and-forget design.

We can deliver:

  1. Significant energy savings, from 50% to over 90% reductions.
  2. Long LED product life, from 5 to over 10 years which eliminates lamp replacement or bulb purchases.
  3. Fit-and-Forget solutions, reduction in facilities management labor for lamp or bulb maintenance
  4. Additional savings can be gained by using our products with lighting controls, all our LED lighting products are fully dimmable and compatible with control systems including DALI.

We offer:

  • Lighting design
  • Installer support or partnering
  • Retro-fit LED lighting as part of refurbishment projects
  • Custom LED fittings for new build or refurbishment projects


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GTI Media
LED office lighting improves the workspace

View the case study

National Trust Head Office & Café
Switching to a more energy efficient LED solution

Office Products

Liet Linear

Commercial, office and retail lighting


Liet D-Series

Series LED replacement for CDMT in the retail sector


Liet AR111

LED lamps for commercial and retail sectors


Liet MR16 Ultra

Short Intro for Liet MR16 Ultra


Liet MR16

Halogen replacement LED designed for longer life


Liet GU10

A true 50W halogen replacement


Liet 3

Energy saving downlight for commercial use


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