GTI Media is an internet media company specialising in graduate recruitment and careers information. Lietcorp provided GTI Media with stunning new office LED lighting that has been optimised for a web media business.

Energy consumption has been halved and old, worn-out fittings have been replaced with our elegant Liet Linear system that offers functional, useful light to support visual tasks.

The 30-year-old building posed unique challenges as it featured virtually every ceiling type imaginable, including an 8 meter glass atrium, a standard 2.7 metre suspended ceiling and a 4-metre-high open-plan office with exposed ducting and pipework.

Lietcorp’s LED lighting was installed in all areas of the office, including the social areas, café and meeting rooms, making this the UK’s first full office LED lighting refurbishment and the office was in full use throughout the installation.


Project images


Quad 144W and twin 116W & 140W T8 fluorescent tubes, 150W CDMT downlighters and 18W AR111’s were replaced by the following light engines:

– Liet Linear R1200

– Liet Linear S1500 & Liet Linear S1800

– Liet D50

– Liet 6

Energy savings

– Annual operating cost (electricity, lamp & FM) before LED £9,895

– Annual operating cost (electricity, lamp & FM) after LED £2,497

– Annual cost saving £7,398

– Annual carbon reduction 31 tonnes

– Payback (after ECA) 3.3 years

– CAPEX Required £24,517

– Capitalised over 10 years total profit uplift £49,460

Note: all payback and saving calculations exclude:

1) any facilities management savings associated with call-out charges to change lamps

2) air conditioning savings associated with the low heat of Lietcorp’s LED lighting

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