Beaverbrooks asked Lietcorp to light their new Next concession store. The brief was to create a luxurious, well-lit environment which would bring out the best in the jewellery.

The energy savings were also important to Beaverbrooks. Our low energy, high performance LED D-Series down lights were installed front of house, whilst Liet Linear recessed LED lighting was installed in the back of house areas.

"Our ethos at Beaverbrooks is all about making it special for the customer. Our stores are fashionable and luxurious, the perfect setting for picking that special purchase. The lighting from Lietcorp was central to deliver this premium feel in-store. Their LEDs not only save energy but they also give instant high-bright lighting, meaning our brands and diamonds really shine bright."

Gary Jackson, Beaverbooks.

Lietcorp also supplied a retro-fit store for Beaverbrooks.

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Lietcorp LED lighting solutions provided the following across the new build and retro-fit stores:

– 40 No. Liet D50: 28W, 4000K , 36 degree, 90,000 hours L70 life

– 7 No. Liet Linear 600x600: 18W, 4000K , 120 degree, 60,000 hours L70 life

– 56 No. Liet D35: 18W, 3000K , 36 & 18 degree, 90,000 hours L70 life

– White open frame bezels and emergency packs

Energy savings

– Annual energy saving 81%

– Payback (after ECA) under 3 years

Note: all payback and saving calculations exclude:

1) any facilities management savings associated with call-out charges to change lamps

2) air conditioning savings associated with the low heat of Lietcorp’s LED lighting

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