Dubai Festival City Mall is Dubai’s leading waterfront destination which houses an array of prestigious retailers and restaurants as well as world-class entertainment.

The building provided a unique challenge in a number of ways. Firstly, it contains over two million square feet of leasable space, resulting in a significant amount of man power needed to refit the entire building. Secondly, there are three floors of an open gallery area with a glass atrium roof. We illuminated the ground floor at 23 metres achieveing 400 lux.

Dubai Festival City Mall has already seen a reduction in operational costs by £57,816 and we removed the need for any replacement lamps for around 15 years, significantly reducing these costs by £21,024.

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Lietcorp LED lighting solutions replaced 70W CDMT lamps and halogen AR111 lamps with the following Lietcorp LED light engines:

– Liet D70: 40W, 3,000K, 36 degree, 90,000 hour L70 life

– Liet D50: 28W, 3,000K, 36 degree, 90,000 hour L70 life

– Liet D35: 18W, 3,000K, 36 degree, 90,000 hour L70 life

– Liet D20: 12W, 3,000K, 36 degree, 90,000 hour L70 life

– Liet AR111: 7.3W, 3,000K, 60 degree, 90,000 hour L70 life

Energy savings

 Energy savings

– Annual operating cost (electricity, lamp & FM) before LED £78,840

– Annual operating cost (electricity, lamp & FM) after LED £21,024

– Annual cost saving £57,816

– Annual carbon reduction 200 Tonnes

– Payback 1.9 years

– CAPEX Required £144,000

– Capitalised over 5 years total profit uplift £145,080

Note: all payback and saving calculations exclude:

1) any facilities management savings associated with call-out charges to change lamps

2) air conditioning savings associated with the low heat of Lietcorp’s LED lighting

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