Refurbishment cycle

Refurbishment cycle LED light system offering efficient, long lasting and high quality LEDs with ROI usual of less than 2 years.

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LED benefits

LED light system delivers optimal illumination, saves money and when specified correctly add to a company’s bottom line.

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Cooldrive™ Technology

Cooldrive™ manages the junction temperature inside the LED dye to maintain an optimum temperature for efficiency and longer life of our LED light system.

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Light quality

Lietcorp ensures the highest light quality because we use only single bin Cree chips so our manufactured LEDs are graded by colour and light output.

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Light control with Controlsmart™ software is re-programmable without modification to the light fixture so our light designers can fulfil client’s needs.

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Optical engineering

Our LED light system has integrated collimators, optics or reflectors to ensure our LED products transmit light as a beam or spread to meet client’s specific need.

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Commercial LED lights have significant environmental benefits when compared to incandescent, fluorescent and halogen light technologies

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