Controlsmart™ enables complete light control and allows real-time monitoring of light performance and operation.

The light control provided by Controlsmart™ allows our light designers to fulfil client’s lighting requirements. Controlsmart™ light control software is re-programmable many times without modification to the light fixture, so light control and dimming can be updated when required, without the need for new compliance and systems testing.

Controlsmart™ light control software also has diagnostics for power supply monitoring, so your lighting investment is protected from damage from supply fluctuations.

Custom light control options include:

  • soft start for a slow turn on
  • stepped dimming with set points, e.g. to set light levels across large installations
  • artificial capping/lifting of dimming ranges so customers can match light levels
  • logarithmic dimming curves to provide light control at min and max levels
  • programmable digital dimming using the on/off switch
  • light control of individual fixtures separately from large light clusters

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