Visually appealing and sustainable, our LED lighting systems offer a life expectancy of at least 90,000 hours making them the longest-lasting commercial LED light systems on the market.

Our LED lighting systems are also energy efficient, delivering savings of as much as 40 per cent over our nearest LED competitors and up to 90 per cent energy savings on traditional lighting technologies.

What makes Lietcorp’s LED lighting systems better?

Critical to an LED’s energy efficiency is thermal/heat management. The temperature inside the LED dye, aka the junction temperature, is the fundamental driver of an LED lighting systems’ life and performance. The lower the junction temperature, the more efficient and longer lasting the fixture will be.

If the thermal design is not optimised and the junction temperature is too high or uncontrolled, the performance and life of the LED lighting systems will be significantly affected.

Placing an LED ‘bulb’ into an existing fitting always results in overheating, that’s why at Lietcorp we design each and every one of our LED lighting systems as a complete lamp and fixture. At the heart of each lamp is our own Cooldrive™ technology.

A unique thermal optimisation diagnostics system, Cooldrive™ manages the junction temperature inside the LED dye to help maintain an optimum temperature for energy efficiency and longer life.

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