LEDs can deliver optimal illumination and save money. When specified correctly, LED low energy light fittings add to a business’s bottom line.

Lietcorp’s low energy light fittings deliver energy savings because they are engineered from the fittings through to the light source. They are best installed during a building’s refurbishment and require no maintenance or bulb replacement thereafter.

Lietcorp’s LED low energy light fittings:

  • Ensure all areas receive the optimum colour, temperature and brightness of light to create your brand’s characteristic ambience. This is consistently delivered, thanks to Lietcorp’s sole use of single-bin Cree chips
  • Guaranteed to operate without bulb/lamp replacement for over 10 years, and typically until the next building refurbishment, i.e. install and forget
  • Deliver cost savings. ROI of less than 2 years for some clients
  • Help meet your energy and carbon reduction targets
  • Reduce your facilities management costs for lighting for years to come
  • Rather than a ‘light bulb’ consumable expense, a LED low energy light fitting project can be capitalised and depreciated
  • Eligible for the Enhanced Capital Allowance scheme

Contemporary, versatile, precision engineered and good value for money. Lietcorp LEDs are where low energy light fittings meet good lighting design.

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