Lietcorp’s light designers work with clients to specify light quality and colour temperatures throughout a building. When you invest in our LED lighting solutions you are assured each white shade and colour will be controlled to the highest precision commercially available, opening up endless possibilities for light quality and design.

Whether you are seeking ambience and atmosphere or ultra efficient clarity, Lietcorp’s LED lighting solutions can match the existing light quality or create whole new lighting environments specified by you.

Lietcorp can ensure the highest light quality because we use only single bin Cree chips, i.e. our manufactured LEDs are graded by colour and light output. So Lietcorp clients can be certain of the light quality of their installed LEDs. It is unfortunate that most LED manufacturers and distributors supply ‘unbinned’ LEDs, which have had a negative impact on the reputation of LEDs for light quality.

In addition to guaranteeing a precise light quality, Lietcorp maintains a computer database of all LEDs we supply. This database retains the performance and light quality data required for matching in the future, e.g. the fit out of shops or pubs that are part of a client’s chain.

Form, function and light quality go hand in hand with Lietcorp.

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