Using our own integrated collimators, optics or reflectors Lietcorp’s LED light engines transmit the highest level of light with as little as seven per cent loss through the optics. Our LED light engines technology is able to refine the bright unfocussed light of raw LEDs and transmit light as a beam or spread that will meet your specific needs.

Lietcorp’s LED light engines are available in an extensive range of beam angles:

  • 10 degrees, for use where features need to be picked out by precise light, e.g. high ceiling, or hospitality applications
  • 25 degrees, a general-purpose spot light
  • 60 degrees for floodlight applications where maximum light dispersal is required

Our LED light engines, for example:

  • offer uniform illumination without shadows or dazzle
  • ensure office worktop areas receive the most practical light
  • create gentle, softened lines that are inviting and comfortable

The options are endless and the choice is yours.

Lietcorp’s LED light engines are fully integrated into a single-piece light body with our collimators, optics and reflectors working optimally together. The sealed construction of our LED light engines and the absence of cooling fins as a result of our Cooldrive™ Technology, means our LED light engines will never fill with dirt, thereby minimising light degradation, loss of performance, health and fire hazards.

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