Commercial LED lights have significant environmental benefits when compared to incandescent, fluorescent and halogen light technologies:

  • Energy
    Up to 90% less electricity consumed as compared to incandescent bulbs
  • Light Efficiency
    More lumens per watt from commercial LED lights
  • Longevity
    Commercial LED lights from Lietcorp last:
    over 10 times longer then fluorescents
    over 25 times longer then halogens
    over 45 times longer then incandescent
    Our fit and forget solution eliminates labour for bulb/lamp replacements
  • Toxicity
    Commercial LED lights do not contain mercury unlike fluorescent lamps
  • Durability
    Commercial LED lights are made from solid state components, whilst incandescent, fluorescent and halogen lights are very fragile
  • Thermal Performance
    Commercial LED lights from Lietcorp with our Cooldrive™ Technology, the heat produced by the light unit is substantially reduced. Older light technologies incur an environmental cost in countries where air conditioning is used
  • CRC
    Commercial LED lights will help your business meet Carbon Reduction Commitments

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